Feel the Boid

Invention Design

In our course 3-dimensional basics in media space we discussed the topic swarm behavior. We had to create an application for a multi touch table with fiducial and finger input. For implementation Ā»ProcessingĀ«, served us as programming environment. Swarms work on simple rules every swarm member has to follow.

- seperation: Avoid crowding neighbors
- alignment: Steer toward average heading of neighbors
- cohesion: Steer towards average position of neighbors

Our idea was to add new attributes to the swarm. These attributes are connected to the sound of the music. We divided the music in three tone pitches: bass, middle and high
Therefore we have three kind of swarms. To visualize the differences between the swarms we decide to give them different speed and cohesion settings.

A bass tone is deep and heavy so the swarm moves slowly, high tones are agile and fast. With different objects on the surface you can manipulate and play with the music swarms.

project partner: Enis Terzioglu, Fabian Fischer
software used: Processing, TUIO, Reactivision
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