Community health worker kit

In our bachelor thesis we designed a bag which coordinates and organises the everyday life of a community health worker. The project consists of a fold-bag, a clipboard-case and the appropriate app which is adapted to the requirements of a community health worker.

In interviews with ambulance personnel we got the insight, that in most cases suitcases are more likely used than bags, because they offer an direct acces to the different areas of the suitcase. Because CHW have to travel long ways by feed or bike, a bag is more comfortable in this case, so we tried to develop the best possible combination of a bag and a case. We ended up in a fold-system combined with the modular MOLLE known from military to give the worker the possibility to customize the bag for different operations.
In addition to the bag itself, we developed a clipboard-case and an app which interact perfectly together to help the community health worker with the documentation, organization and patient file work. Apart from the already mentioned functions the app contains a lot of useful information for the health worker, like an encyclopedia or enlightement videos, which he can show the patients.

project partner: Enis Terzioglu
hardware/ software used: Xcode, Objective-C, Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Alfred
    Semester 6
  • Medibag
    Bachelor Thesis
  • Banking Box
    Semester 4
  • Book Box
    Semester 3
  • Mechatronic
    Semester 4
  • Feel the Boid
    Semester 2
  • Rie
    Semester 3
  • Lyrebird
    Semester 3