Invention Design

The task was to invent a future scenario for a new device or an interaction process. This relatively wide task gave us a lot of space to figure out a project idea. During our long technology research period we noticed that information is a really important resource for our society, this fact vastly influenced our further concept ideas. What is the next step of google, the information system of today? We noticed that if you’re looking for something with todays search engines you have to know what you are searching for. Therefore we started creating a concept which is based on the idea of google goggles, which is able to recognize things from pictures.We wanted to bring this searching system to a higher level by searching in realtime, from a video as kind of virtual reality.
Because the amount of Information is so big we decided to focus on an simple topic which allowed us to think about all of the important criteria in one specific scenario. So we used information about food for our prototyping period, especially fresh vegetables, cause you can only find little information about them at the supermarket.
We built a prototype with a tablet which allowed us to investigate the usability and the requirements of such a realtime information concept.

project partner: Peter Kußler, Fabian Fischer
software used: Processing, Reactivision, Photoshop
  • Alfred
    Semester 6
  • Medibag
    Bachelor Thesis
  • Banking Box
    Semester 4
  • Book Box
    Semester 3
  • Mechatronic
    Semester 4
  • Feel the Boid
    Semester 2
  • Rie
    Semester 3
  • Lyrebird
    Semester 3